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4.6 MW Quattro-Gen Facility Brantford

Detailed Engineering

DEI provided the detailed feasibility study that lead to the full engineering design of a 4.6 MW gas turbine ‘Quattro-Gen’ facility in Brantford. Our unique Quattro-Gen design produces four forms of energy; Electricity, Steam, Hot water and Chilled water, to maximize the overall plant efficiency to almost 90%. This project was in part realized by assessing all of the Ontario Power Authority opportunities including the CHPSOP and SaveONenergy programs.

New Station Service Boiler Plant Nanticoke

Owner's Engineer

DEI are assisting Ontario Power Generation (OPG) with works and field surveillance associated with the Nanticoke Generating Station Auxiliary Boiler procurement and installation. The Boiler procurement will be complete with dedicated building enclosure and tie-ins. DEI is providing the technical oversight which includes, ensuring compliance with detailed technical specifications, adherence to inspection and test plan requirements. DEI is also assisting OPG with problem resolution regarding non-conformance issues.

25 MW Biomass Cogeneration District Energy Plant Ajax

Owner's Engineer

DEI acted as owner’s engineer following the turnkey tender process for front-end engineering design and provided the preliminary and detailed engineering studies for Biomass Cogeneration Analysis on the existing Ajax Steam Plant site. This facility will become one of the few biomass-fired power plants in Ontario, and provide steam to a local district heating system, a feature which at this time, is believed to be unique to biomass power plants in Ontario. Front-end engineering and design consisted of preliminary equipment selection, specifications, PFD’s, P&ID’s, and general arrangement drawings based on three steam turbines (HP 9.375 MW, LP 9.375 MW, LP 7.25 MW). District steam distribution system upgrades were performed including steam and stress analysis and manhole system upgrades.