Tower Free Cooling System Design for Commercial Building, REIT

Doherty Engineering Inc. (“DEI”) provided engineering services related to the design and implementation of a tower free cooling system to offset chilled water use at a Toronto commercial building. DEI reviewed the existing cooling tower system and conducted a survey of the mechanical room and contained equipment in order to prepare a construction budget estimate and calculate potential energy savings. DEI prepared drawings and specifications to issue for tender. Once tendered, DEI initiated and oversaw the contract bidding process, bidding close-out and tender review. Additionally, DEI provided project management services, issued supplementary details and instructions during the construction period, reviewed process schedules, shop drawings, samples, reports, and manuals submitted by the contractor and processed change orders and payment requests. DEI attended site meetings and assisted in the coordination of, and inspection of the work in progress. A final inspection was arranged and performed, including issuing a deficiencies list and certificate of acceptance upon deficiencies rectification.

Services Provided : Engineering Design

Specialities : HVAC & Building Services, District Energy

Building Type : Commercial

Location : Toronto, ON, Canada