Post-Tender Owner’s Engineering Services, Food & Beverage Manufacturer

Doherty Engineering completed the design and construction management of a make up air units upgrade for a food and beverage building pressurization, while facility maintained full operation. Eleven make up air units were implemented to provide building pressurization totalling 230,000 CFM. DEI also provided the electrical power to feed including the controls and rolling doors. Services included HVAC upgrades, site inspections and review, design of air handling units to pressurize the food handling system of the factory, site visits and inspection, project management and the design and drawings to add new make up air units.

Services Provided : Reports, Engineering Design, Tendering Processing, Site Inspection, Project Management

Specialities : HVAC & Building Services, Controls

Size : 10,215.48 sq.m.

Building Type : Industrial

Location : Windsor, ON, Canada