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Energy Efficiency Improvements and Cogeneration Studies for Auto Parts Manufacturer

Southern Ontario

Power Generation - Industrial

DEI has provided a diverse range of services to a major automotive manufacturer in Southwestern Ontario. A preliminary energy audit was completed which involved a detailed site inspection and culminating with a report identifying projects and opportunities for electricity and natural gas savings, including cogeneration, plant ventilation optimization and waste heat recovery. The report provided estimates of utilities savings, project cost, project payback, internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV) and available incentives for each identified measure. A subsequent ventilation study was completed which encompassed a complete inventory of make-up air units and exhaust fans in the 1,000,000 ft2 manufacturing area. DEI is currently completing the detailed design of a process waste heat recovery system to pre-heat make-up air, thereby reducing the natural gas consumption by large make-up air units supplying the plant floor. As a component of the detailed design, DEI will prepare an incentive application on behalf of the Plant to the Union Gas Industrial Incentives Program to recover a substantial portion of the project cost. Other ongoing and notable work is the completion of two detailed engineering studies (DES) through the OPA saveONenergy Program pertaining to cogeneration systems and chiller plant upgrades at the facility.

DEI is thoroughly involved in the energy monitoring, planning, targeting and project implementation at the facility. DEI has an on-site presence 1-2 days a week and is responsible for achieving an annual electricity savings target of 300 kW. Principal duties include the identification of energy savings opportunities, development of viable energy projects through technical and economic analyses, creation of detailed business cases for budgeting and capital approval, education and improvement of energy awareness among employees and quarterly reporting to the OPA focusing on project and target tracking. An Energy Management Plan was also completed on behalf of the Facility.

DEI liaises directly with the local distribution company (LDC) and Union Gas and has developed an intimate knowledge of the incentive applications available to businesses in Ontario through the OPA saveONenergy Process and Systems Upgrade Initiative (PSUI) and Retrofit Programs, as well as the Union Gas Industrial Incentive Programs. We have extensive experience in navigating the incentive application and approval processes with these entities, having been successful in obtaining over $300,000 in incentive funds for the Plant over the past eight months (80% incentivized through OPA saveONenergy PSUI Program), DES (100% incentivized through OPA saveONenergy PSUI Program) and several capital projects (partially incentivized up to 50% through OPA saveONenergy PSUI Program, OPA Retrofit Program and Union Gas Industrial Incentives Program).

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