Power Generation

Doherty Engineering Inc. provides comprehensive consultancy services to Property Managers/Facility Operators, Utilities, Architects, Builders, Developers and Industrial Facilities over the entire project life cycle. Our expertise encompasses the design, and the development through to implementation of new projects, engineering and technical review. Additionally, we have the knowledge and experience to conduct full environmental impact assessments (EIAs) as required in determining the feasibility of potential projects. Our power generation projects range from micro- generation to several hundred megawatts.

Expertise at DEI begins with front end commercialization services at the early development phases of a project. We build financial models, rate structures and energy services agreements for thermal energy contracting and are intimately familiar with power purchase agreements and funding approaches to generation projects in Ontario.

Our success in developing and delivering power generation projects is internationally renowned using a variety of prime movers. These include conventional thermal generation utilizing gas and oil, to renewable applications utilising hydro, solar and biomass. Our cogeneration plant designs have included gas turbines, reciprocating engines, hydraulic turbines and steam turbines. Our designs also implement environmental enhancements that consistently exceeded the code requirements, providing clients with substantial energy cost savings on every project.

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HVAC/Building Services

Providing an environment that is comfortable, healthy, financially sound and environmentally sustainable is important. As the focus on sustainable investment grows worldwide, the commercial and retail buildings market is seeking new and innovative ideas with regard to development, retrofitting and ongoing management. Our technical expertise covers all facets of the building's life cycle, from planning and design, to construction management and supervision and providing clients with significant cost savings over the economic life of the project. Doherty Engineering Inc. is internationally recognised for our robust, high performance, cost effective, and energy efficient commercial and retail buildings.

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Central Plant

Doherty Engineering Inc. specializes in building and facility design and engineering services; including HVAC, mechanical equipment selection and piping design. We have extensive design experience in central boiler and chiller plants, emergency power systems and provide central plant services to large industrial buildings, process plants, commercial and retail buildings, and institutional buildings such as military bases, hospitals, Universities and Colleges. When it comes to Central Plants, one of our primary focuses is in heat recovery and providing multidisciplinary solutions with our partners to serve our customer's needs.

Commercial sector work has included extensive HVAC, controls and other design experience for base building systems and tenant improvements in leading Class A and other properties in the downtown Toronto core and elsewhere. Our commercial office tower clients include some of the main business district buildings in downtown Toronto as well as others in southern Ontario. We are LEED® accredited professionals and have extensive HVAC controls design experience in large commercial buildings (exceeding one million square feet) as well as industrial facilities. The experience that we have with large central energy facilities enables us to consider a large number of options for buildings. We have designed large air handling systems, central boiler plants, central chiller plants, cogeneration facilities, non-natural gas facilities, including landfill, sewage gas, and biogas, and all forms of district steam, hot water and chilled water systems.

Energy efficiency and engineering effectiveness are the focus of our business. Innovational approaches to solutions are more often being sought by our clients particularly with respect to attaining accreditations such as LEED® and BOMA GoGreen.

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District Energy

For over 20 years Doherty Engineering Inc. has been involved in the district energy industry and are long standing members of the International and Canadian District Energy Associations. Our district energy designs have incorporated all available distribution technologies, from conventional natural gas to biomass from waste-wood.

Our engineers are industry leaders in the planning and implementation of district energy, cogeneration and related renewable technologies, ensuring optimal investment in plant, distribution and building systems. Additionally, we provide integrated design, feasibility studies, Owner's Engineering, construction supervision and commissioning services to all district energy projects. Whether it is optimizing existing systems to improve energy efficiency and free up system capacity, or designing for new system integration, DEI can do both.

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