Nation Wide TSSA Registrations and Compliance for Multiple Companies

Doherty Engineering provided engineering services related to the review of revisions to existing CRNs for operation in Canada and registration through the TSSA. Services provided included detailed review of calculations, vessel, piping, and fitting information, stamping of calculations, TSSA communication, and obtaining proper registration revisions.

Post-Tender Owner’s Engineering Services, Food & Beverage Manufacturer

Doherty Engineering completed the design and construction management of a make up air units upgrade for a food and beverage building pressurization, while facility maintained full operation. Eleven make up air units were implemented to provide building pressurization totaling 230,000 CFM. DEI also provided the electrical power to feed including the controls and rolling doors.[…]

Chemical Manufacturer
Energy Management Plan, Chemical Manufacturer

Doherty Engineering completed an energy management plan (EMP) looking at the benefits of adding a cogeneration system with a thorough comparison between gas turbines and steam turbines as the prime mover. The services provided included a review of the energy plan information, energy management policy and best practices, energy baseline, identified conservation capital projects, operation[…]

Economizer Detailed Design, Tender and Project Management
Economizer Detailed Design, Tender and Project Management, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Doherty Engineering provided engineering services relating to the installation of a new feedwater economizer. Doherty was required to determine the viable location for installation of a new economizer on a boiler flue gas stack. The services provided included a feasibility study, detailed design and tender documents, and tendering services.

M&E Design and Project Management for Multiple Greenhouse Locations

Doherty Engineering was engaged by a controlled environment agriculture producer to provide Owner’s Engineering services at their 1,200,000 sqft. (approx.) site in Quebec as well as support with the base building design in Ontario. In addition to on-going engineering consulting services, DEI completed the front-end engineering and design for the heat pump plant which provides hot water[…]